How To Clean Coloured Contact Lenses


Learning how to clean your coloured contact lenses correctly is one of the most important things that your can do to protect your eyes. By cleaning your contact lenses properly you will protect your eyes, reduce the risks associated with wearing coloured contact lenses and make sure that they feel comfortable to wear. Fortunately, it very easy to do! This post will show you how to clean coloured contact lenses by following just a few simple steps. You can use this method to clean your lenses before and after you wear them, or if you accidentally drop a contact lens.

So why is it so important to clean your coloured contact lenses? First and foremost, it is important to remove bacteria and irritating particles from your coloured contact lenses before you put them in. Germs and particles will irritate your eyes and can even lead to infections. The second reason is that natural proteins from your eyes can build up on your contact lenses. This is completely normal and happens to everyone, but this residue needs to be removed after each wear. It is for this reason that you should clean your contact lenses after you remove them. Lastly, the act of cleaning your contact lenses ensures that they remain soft and comfortable to wear.

How To Clean Contact Lenses

This is a basic method that you can use to clean any reusable contact lenses. Reusable contact lenses are designed to be worn repeatedly and must be cleaned and stored correctly in between wearing. This simple method will remove germs, irritating particles (i.e. dust) and natural build-up. It will keep your contacts clean and comfortable to wear, thereby reducing the risk of eye irritation. To clean your contact lenses you will need a bottle of contact lens solution.

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap. You should always wash your hands before handling contact lenses or touching your eyes.
    2. Place the lens in the palm of one hand and add a few drops of contact lens solution. Add enough so that the lens is completely covered in solution.
    3. Use a fingertip to gently rub the contact lens in the solution. Use a circular motion to rub the lens for up to one minute.
      Inspect the contact lens. It should look clean, with no visible dirt on the lens. The lens should have a curved shape and the edges should look smooth. Check the lens for signs of damage – never wear a damaged contact lens. If you can see any visible dirt or particles, repeat the process using fresh contact lens solution.
    4. Once the lens looks clean you can either wear it or store it. Store your contact lenses in a clean contact lens case filled with fresh contact lens solution.


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