Easy Witch Halloween Costume

Witch Halloween Costume

Need a last minute Halloween costume? For women, you can’t go wrong with a classic witch costume – a basic witch Halloween costume is easy to put together from items in your wardrobe, plus black is always stylish! You can make your witch costume as simple or eye-catching as you like, depending on what you have to hand. For an easy witch Halloween costume all you will need is a black dress and a witches’ hat, plus any accessories you can rustle up at the last minute. Stripy tights, spider earrings or a wild grey wig are all great ways to add flair, or you can get creative with make up. Full green make up can be tricky, but you can make a real statement with just pale foundation and eyeshadow. You could create a gaunt look with hollow cheeks, or go as a glamorous witch with shimmery eyeshadow, dramatic winged eyeliner and purple lipstick.

Witch Halloween Contact Lenses

If you have time, Halloween contact lenses are a great way to make a simple costume more effective. You can find a great choice of witch contact lenses online, including the selection below. Go for classic witchy green eyes, dramatic blackout contact lenses or even spooky all-white contact lenses. Coloured contact lenses will make your witch costume stand out and can be worn again with another Halloween costume or to another party.

Natural Blue Contact Lenses

Fancy changing your eye colour for a day? Natural-look contact lenses are a great way to change your eye colour and completely transform your look – but just for a day! There are many different types of contact lenses available, including lenses that are specially designed to look natural and convincing. Natural blue contact lenses are one of the best ways to transform your eyes. The blue is a universally flattering eye colour that will light up your complexion and give you a beautiful new look. There are so many different colours to choose from, I have picked out a few natural blue contact lenses that will work for anyone. Personally, I find that it is important to consider how dark or light the coloured contact lenses are in comparison to your own eyes. For example, deep blue contact lenses with a black outline look more natural if you have dark brown eyes; while pale blue contacts look best on people with light hazel or green eyes.

Natural Look Blue Contact Lenses

Here you can see three of my favourite natural look blue contact lenses. These lenses are specially designed to blend in with your natural eye colour for a soft, convincing effect. The two lenses on the left are especially good at this. They feature a dappled pattern on a clear background. The background lets your natural eye colour show through, giving a natural blended effect. The lens on the right does not have a clear background. It has a lovely deep colour and dramatic outline, perfect for people with dark-coloured eyes.


Natural Blue Contact Lens Kit

Natural Blue Contact Lens Kit
Natural Blue Contact Lens Kit

You can also buy your natural blue contact lenses in a kit. These kits have everything you will need to wear and clean your contact lenses. This includes contact lens solution and a contact lens storage case. It is very important to keep your contact lenses clean and store them correctly in between uses. This will keep your eyes safe and reduce the risk of eye irritation.